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Wolfpack 2021 Tackle & Cheer Registration NOW OPEN!

Our programs are open ALL to kids ages 7 - 14. 
Teams are broken down as follows for both Cheer & Football.   

8U: Born between 7/31/2012 - 8/1/2014
9U: Born between 7/31/2011 - 8/1/2012
10U Born between 7/31/2010 - 8/1/2011
11U Born between 7/31/2009 - 8/1/2010
12U Born between 7/31/2008 - 8/1/2009
14U Born between 1/1/2007 - 8/1/2008*
*14U has an age limit of 14 and grade limit of 8th

Volunteer Hours Requirement:
Being a member of Valley Wolfpack Football and Cheer Association, you agree to volunteer 4 hours, per family,  to assist the program by filling much needed volunteer positions on game days and other Valley Wolfpack activities. 

Volunteer positions include things like: 
Concessions, Gate Sales, Announcing, Clock Timer, Chain Gang, Merchandise Sales, Stadium Clean Up etc. 

Volunteer Buy-Out: We are offering a “volunteer buy-out” for $200. This will excuse your family from having to fulfill the 4 hour volunteer requirement for the 2021 season. These funds will allow us to backfill empty positions by hiring help if needed.  

Why a buy-out option? Frankly, we need your family's help! Valley Wolfpack is a 100% volunteer ran organization and it requires many hands to keep things running smoothly. Each year we are finding it increasingly difficult to find sufficient volunteers to help during key events. Having a Volunteer Buy-Out may allow us to hire help when needed. 

What happens if we did not opt to do the "Volunteer Buy-Out" and our family does not the volunteer hours?  
If the 4-hour, per family, volunteer requirement has NOT been met at the conclusion of the season, your family will be invoiced a fee for the hours not completed. This fee must be paid prior to registering for future Wolfpack programs. 

"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time;
 they just have the heart."

- Elizabeth Andrew

-Sibling Discount -
Sibling discount is no offered. In order to keep our programs priced low, we are unable to offer sibling discounts.  

 - 2021 Registration Fees -
Early Registration: $185 per player registration fee (Football & Cheer) until 4/14/2021
Regular Registration: $205 per player registration fee (Football & Cheer) after 4/15/2021

* Please note: Cheer has uniform costs that are not included in registration fees. Cost should not exceed $200. Uniform pieces you purchase are yours to keep.  Pricing to be announced at a later date. 

Optional Volunteer Buy-Out: $200 per family (make sure you only choose this buy-out once if registering multiple children) This will excuse you from the volunteer requirements. 

-Registration Fee Payment Options -
PAY IN FULL: Submit total fees online today upon conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account.

Fees will be divided into installments with the first installment of $50 to be collected at the conclusion of your registration. Payment can be provided via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account. The remaining balance is to be divided and automatically deducted from the SAME ACCOUNT monthly on the 15th of the month with the last payment scheduled for 6/15/2020. 

For those needing assistance with fees: Wolfpack Financial Assistance (WFAP) application is available at the end of this registration. 

- Registration Tips -
Please read each page carefully to ensure that all information is accurately supplied.  Registration is accepted first come; first serve through our registration system. When a team becomes full, it will no longer be offered. 

Special Note: Our Football & Cheerleading program is Co-Ed however, our registration system is set to offer Cheer to females and Football to males to help curb registration mistakes. If your son or daughter would like to cheer or play football please register them for the opposite gender and we will make the correction on the back end. 

We are looking for 2021 Valley Wolfpack Board Positions!
Volunteering your time in one of these positions will not only satisfy your volunteer requirement it will also bring a couple other perks as our way of thanking you for your time. Job descriptions for the following board positions are located in our bylaws

League Representative
Athletic Director
Fundraising Director
Publicity Director

2020 Board Members will receive the following:

  • 50% off tackle/cheer registration fees;
  • Free admission games

Interested? Please email us at with name and short statement about who you are and why you are interested.
Thanks in advance for your consideration!

We are always here to help, please reach out anytime at or through most social media platforms.

Wolfpack 5v5 & 7v7 Information

Wolfpack 5v5 & 7v7 league are for players who are looking to sharpen and improve their skills though this competitive program for the 2021 season.   

Season Length: 
February 27 - Early June

Practice Schedule: 
Saturdays from 9-11 @ Sunset Stadium beginning 2/27! 

Uniform Items
Soft Shell Helmet
Mouth Guard (included with helmet purchase)
Rubber/plastic molded Soccer/Football or Turf Cleats 
Bottled Water
Face Masks will be worn at all times. 
Wolfpack 5v5 or 7v7 Uniform  


All Covid-19 precautions will be in place to ensure player/coaches safety. 

Please reach out to or any of our social media channels :)  


Athletic Director
Equipment Manager
League Representative
Fundraising Director

Earn 50% off your Wolfpack Registration Fees! 
Inquire TODAY @ 


5v5 & 7v7 Covid -19 Player Attestation for Activity

Only one response needed per participant, per event to be admitted into ANY 5v5/7v7 activity!

Valley Wolfpack Football
& Cheerleading Association
PO Box 7817
Bonney Lake, WA  98391

- Connect with Wolfpack -