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    Valley Wolfpack Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Valley Wolfpack have a 2020 Tackle and Cheer Season?

    The short answer, we are planning on it and certainly hope so!
    The health and safety of ALL our participants and families is of upmost importance to us therefore, we will continue to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic and will follow the advice of state and local authorities. Should something change from what is planned, we will inform all participants as necessary.

    What are the eligibility requirements?

    All participants must be aged 7 or older but not over the age of 14 on 7/31/2020.

    When is the season set to start?

    The season is scheduled to begin the third week of July for Football and fourth week for Cheer.

    What is the Practice Schedule?

    Mid July - Labor Day: 5 nights a week (Mon-Fri) 6pm - 8pm
    Labor Day - Early Nov. : 3 nights a weeks (Tue - Thurs) 6pm - 8pm
    Late July - Labor Day: 4 nights a week (Mon-Thur) 6pm - 5:45pm
    Labor Day - Early Nov: 3 nights a weeks (Tue - Thurs) 6pm - 5:45pm

    Where are practices?

    Football: Sumner High School
    Cheer:     Practices begin at Sunset Stadium and transition to another Sumner School District school.

    When are Games?

    Games are due to begin in mid to late August and run through October. They are typically held on Saturdays.

    What are the Game Times?

    Our league's typical game schedule is as follows:
    8U:  8:30am - 10:00am (90 min)
    9U:  10:00am - 11:30am (90 min)
    10U: 11:30am - 1:00pm (90 min)
    11U  1:00pm - 3:00pm (120 min)
    12U  3:00pm - 5:00pm (120 min)
    14U  5:00pm - 7:00pm (120 min)

    Where are games held?

    Our games are typically held at area High or Middle Schools in Pierce and King County

    What is the Registration Fee?

    The 2020 registration fee is $185.00 per participant

    Do you offer Financial Aid?

    Yes, we do offer Financial Aid to families that qualify. Application for Financial Aid is available within the 2020 registration. 

    Do you offer Payment Plans?

    Yes, we do offer Payment Plans to anyone who registers. With an initial $50 down payment, the rest of the payments will be split up by month with the total amount due by 7/1/2020. Should you need additional time, we welcome you to fill out a financial aid application as part of your registration. 

    What is a volunteer deposit and why is it $200?

    Each family is expected to volunteer 4 hours of their time per season. The "Deposit" is a post-dated check (not cashed) to be held by the organization until the end of the season. At that time, the check is either returned to you, if your family completed their 4 hours (tracked by the volunteer coordinator) or cashed if your family did NOT complete your 4 hours of volunteer time.

    Didn't the volunteer deposit used to be $50 and paid with registration? Why the change?

    Frankly, we need your help! Valley Wolfpack is a 100% volunteer ran organization and it requires many hands to keep things running smoothly. Each year we are finding it increasingly difficult to find sufficient volunteers to help during key events performing such duties as concessions, pep rally, ticket sales, merchandise sales, announcers, clock operators, chain gangs etc. Many positions go unfilled leaving the work of many to a very few which is inadequate and detrimental to all of us in the Wolfpack Family. We are hoping with an increased financial pull we are able to solicit the help we so desperately need.

    What are the Football Uniform Requirements?

    We provide: Top of the line Riddell Speed Helmets, Riddell Shoulder Pads, Game Jersey and Black Pant.
    You provide: Mouth guard(s), cleats, practice jersey, padded practice pant, socks, undershirt, girdle (padded practice pant may be used in lieu of girdle).

    What are the Cheer Uniform Requirements?

    We provide: Uniform Shell & Skirt
    You provide: (purchased through Wolfpack for you to keep):  Shoes, Bows, Liner, Briefs, Pants, Jacket and Backpack. Typical Cost for items under $200


    2020 Wolfpack Football & Cheer Registration

    Open to boys and girls ages 7 - 14

    Valley Wolfpack Football
    & Cheerleading Association
    PO Box 7817
    Bonney Lake, WA  98391

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