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Valley Wolfpack Football & Cheer Registration is NOW OPEN to
ALL youth age 7 - 14!


New for 2020

- NO Early Registration Window for Returning Wolfpack Families -
This year we not be hosting a special registration period for returning athletes.  With the ease of online registration, Wolfpack offered payment plans and financial aid options it is no longer necessary to host separate registration sessions. Please keep in mind that roster positions are rostered on a first come; first served basis and recommend you do not delay registering your athlete. 

 - Wolfpack Sideline Cheer -  
The Cheer Program will moving from a GRADE base program to an AGE base program for 2020 to match our football teams!

What does this mean: Instead of grouping teams by grade, they will now grouped by the athlete’s age. Teams will be broken into 7U/8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, and 14U* teams. Birthday cut off is July 31st 2020. Our system will automatically calculate your birthday and offer you the team you are eligible for. 

- Volunteer Deposit –
The volunteer deposit will be increasing from $50 to $200
Each FAMILY is required to volunteer at least 4 hours during official Wolfpack Events and/or Games. 

Paying your deposit: We will collect $200, (per family not per participant), though postdated check OR cash prior to the start of the season. The deposit is held by the organization in a lockbox until the end of the season after which time, the calculation of your total volunteer hours are performed. If the 4 hour, per family, requirement has been met, your $200 check or cash will be returned at the end of the season.

Why the change? Frankly, we need your help! Valley Wolfpack is a 100% volunteer ran organization and it requires many hands to keep things running smoothly. Each year we are finding it increasingly difficult to find sufficient volunteers to help during key events performing such duties as concessions, pep rally, ticket sales, merchandise sales, announcers, clock operators, chain gangs etc. Many positions go unfilled leaving the work of many to a very few which is inadequate and detrimental to all of us in the Wolfpack Family. We are hoping with an increased financial pull we are able to solicit the help we so desperately need. 

Deposit Refund: If the 4 hour, per family, volunteer requirement has been met, your $200 check or cash will be returned at the end of the season.

"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time;
 they just have the heart."

- Elizabeth Andrew

-Sibling Discount -
Due to the change in Volunteer Deposit, the "sibling discount" previously applied to the online registrations of multiple children is no longer applicable/needed. 

Why is this changing: This really isn't a change. Previously we collected/charged a $50 volunteer deposit through your child's online registration. In order to accommodate families with mulitple children we programmed the "sibling discount" to remove the $50 deposit on child #2+ because the Wolfpack volunteer deposit has always been a per family deposit not per participant deposit. Our registration fees have always been $185 per participant. 

 - Registration Tips -
Please read each page carefully to ensure that all information is accurately supplied.  Registration is accepted first come; first serve through our registration system. When a team becomes full, it will no longer be offered. 

Please have the following handy to complete registration through our secured site:
Medical insurance information; Physician name and phone number
Scanned copy of your child's State Certified Birth Certificate (new football players only) & Visa or MasterCard for registration fees.

Waitlist: Should a team become full. Please email us at to be placed on our waitlist, this list which will also be managed on a  first come, first serve basis. We will contact you should someone drop and you will have the first right of acceptance or refusal. 

 - 2020 Registration Fees -
$185 per player registration fee (Football & Cheer) 
$200 per family volunteer deposit (collected at later date)

-Registration Fee Payment Options -

Submit total fees online today upon conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account.

Fees will be divided into 4 installments with the first installment of $50 to be collected at the conclusion of your registration. Payment can be provided via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account. The remaining balance is to be automatically deducted from the SAME ACCOUNT on the following dates: March 26, 2020
; April 26, 2020 & May 26 2020

For those needing assistance with fees: Wolfpack Financial Assistance (WFAP) application is available at the end of this registration. 

*upon completion of 4 hours of volunteer time per season, your deposit will be returned at gear hand in at the end of the season. 

Special Note: Our Football & Cheerleading program is Co-Ed however, our registration system is set to offer Cheer to females and Football to males to help curb registration mistakes. If your son or daughter would like to cheer or play football please register them for the opposite gender and we will make the correction on the back end. 

We Looking for 2020 Valley Wolfpack Board Positions!
8U Head Football Coach
Concessions Director
League Representative

2020 Board Members will receive the following:
50% off their athlete(s) tackle or cheer registration fees;
Free admission games

Interested? Please email us at with name and short statement about who you are and why you are interested. J
Thanks in advance for your consideration!


We are always here to help, please reach out anytime at  or through most social media platforms.

Wolfpack Flag Football 2020 Information!!
Our flag program is a unique learn and play league.  Practices/warm ups are typically held prior to game time and coaching occurs throughout playtime.   


Game Dates/Location
Saturday, January 18, 2020 - Sunset Stadium
Saturday, January 25, 2020 -  Sunset Stadium

Saturday, February 1, 2020 - Sunset Stadium
Saturday, February 8, 2020 - Sunset Stadium
Playoff Game & Championship Game 
Saturday, February 15, 2020 - Sunset Stadium
Single Elimination Bracket, winners will face off in the Division Championship Game! 

Game Times:
Division 3 (grades 6 - 8): 8am – 10am
Division 2 (grades 4-5): 10am – 12pm
Division 1 (grades 1-3): 12pm – 2pm
* Each team will play TWO (2) Fifty (50) minute games with a five (5) minute half

Wolfpack's 2020 Elite 5v5 Lineman & 7v7 Passing League Registration is NOW OPEN!!

Wolfpack's 5v5 Lineman and 7v7 Passing league is for elite players who are looking to sharpen and improve their skills though this competitive program for the 2020 season.   

Wolfpack will field TWO 5v5 & 7v7 teams this year.
5v5: ONE 5/6 Team & ONE 7/8 Team
7v7: ONE 5/6 Team & ONE 7/8 Team
(4th graders are welcome to register) 

Practice Schedule: 
#1 Saturday, January 25, 2020 -  Sunset Stadium
Grades 7/8: 10am - 12pm - 7v7 and 5v5
Grades 5/6:  12pm - 2pm - 7v7 and 5v5
#2 Saturday, February 1, 2020 - Sunset Stadium
Grades 7/8: 10am - 12pm - 7v7 and 5v5
Grades 5/6:  12pm - 2pm - 7v7 and 5v5
#3 Saturday, February 8, 2020 - Sunset Stadium
Grades 7/8: 10am - 12pm - 7v7 and 5v5
Grades 5/6:  12pm - 2pm - 7v7 and 5v5
#4 Saturday, February 15, 2020 - Sunset Stadium
Grades 7/8: 10am - 12pm - 7v7 and 5v5
Grades 5/6:  12pm - 2pm - 7v7 and 5v5
 - Other practice dates TBD - 

Tournament Schedule Outline: 
Tournaments will be held on Saturday beginning late February. 
2/22/20 - Bonney Lake Raptor Bowl
3/7/20 - Tahoma Bear Bowl
3/14/20 - Orting Cardinal Bowl
3/21/20 - Federal Way Eagle Bowl
4/11/20 - Parkland Raider Bowl
4/26/20 - Auburn Raven Bowl (Sunday)
5/2/20 - Bethel Bulldog Bowl
5/16/20 - Valley Wolfpack Bowl
Exact schedule times and locations TBD. 

Registration Fee: 
$150.00 per player

5v5 & 7v7 Uniform Items
Required items to purchase seperately

  • Soft Shell Helmet $49.99   
  • Mouth Guard (included with helmet purchase)
  • Rubber/plastic molded Soccer/Football or Turf Cleats 
  • Bottled Water

Required items included in Registration: 

  • Wolfpack 7v7 Uniform  

General Info

  • Athletes must chose between 5v5 or 7v7, players must not register for both leagues as they play simultaneously. 
  • 5v5 & 7v7 will not interefere with Wolfpack Flag Schedule and encorage you to join the fun of Flag also. 

Please reach out anytime to

Ready to register?
Please click links above or below. 

Please note:  2019 Wolfpack Football Players/Cheerleaders with past due account balances and/or non-returned equipment will not be allowed to participate until satisfied. 


2020 Wolfpack Football & Cheer Registration

Open to boys and girls ages 7 - 14

Valley Wolfpack Football
& Cheerleading Association
PO Box 7817
Bonney Lake, WA  98391

- Connect with Wolfpack -