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VFCA Bylaws/Objectives

VFCA Objectives

The objectives of the Valley Football and Cheerleading Association (VFCA) are to be primarily achieved through supervised, competitive athletic programs:

1. To acquaint young athletes with the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.

2. To inspire young athletes, regardless of race, color, religion, etc. to practice the ideas of health, sportsmanship, citizenship, and character.

3. To keep the welfare of the young athletes our top priority and entirely free of adult lust for glory. Specifically, adults conducting themselves in a positive manner in the presence of children and providing clear examples of proper behavior.

4. To strive for the highest standards of academic achievement by placing school as a higher priority than sport.

5. To combat juvenile delinquency through participation.

6. To abide by law, our By-Laws and the By-Laws of the governing conference.